How To Reduce DHT? 10 Best DHT Blockers for Men & Women That Work

The ideal solution to get rid of hair loss and eliminate male pattern baldness is the use of DHT inhibitors, it works to stop the production of DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss in the majority of people.
Best DHT Blockers
Best DHT Blockers

Researchers have recently discovered that the DHT hormone is the direct cause of hair loss In males and females, As increasing the rate of this hormone reduces the size of hair follicles by preventing the flow of blood to the scalp, which leads to damage hair follicles, and hair weakness and thinning and then fall

The increase in the rate of hormone DHT responsible for the age of puberty poses a great danger to the health of hair as it weakens hair follicles by narrowing, which leads to hair thinning and falling

Unfortunately, the hair falling out due to the increase of this hormone is unlikely to return to growth often if not treated early

In our website Bald Men Solutions All our articles are updated to keep abreast of recent developments in the treatment of hair loss and the elimination of baldness, In this guide we will learn about DHT and how to get rid of hair loss caused by dht and how it is produced

What do you know about DHT?
DHT, and it is also called dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone responsible for the formation of sexual organs in the fetus during pregnancy, which is produced by a basic hormone is testosterone through some enzymes that convert a large proportion of testosterone to DHT in the scalp and hair follicle, that Prevents the flow of blood in them and then completely destroy them so that it is impossible to return hair to those places often infected

DHT is very strange
DHT is a major cause of hair loss from the head, but it is surprising that this hormone is an important factor in the growth of hair in other areas of the body such as the chest, thigh and others. According to recent studiesDHT is necessary for the growth of hair in the armpit, back, thighs, pubic and beard, but it is an enemy of hair growth in the head in particular, and the cause of this do not known so far

What is the DHT blockers?

It is a type of natural or medical medication that contributes to stopping the process of turning of Testosterone into DHT or Dihydrotestosterone which causes hair loss, Where he had the most effective effect of most men and women in stopping hair loss within a short period

What is the form of DHT inhibitors?
There are hundreds of DHT inhibitors, some of which come in the form of pills and capsules, some in the form of shampoo and some in the form of powder that can be placed in the drink. In this article we will mention what we think is the best and most effective types as proven by the users.

What is the solution to counter negative DHT effects?
If DHT is primarily responsible for hair loss and thinning, the best solution to prevent this is the use of DHT inhibitors available in the market. Indeed, research and trials have been conducted on DHT blockers. The results have been very effective in slowing hair loss and even new hair growth in a few months.

Do we need DHT?
In fact, DHT has some important functions in our bodies, without which we can not become men. It helps to form our sexual organs in the event of pregnancy, and the germination of hair in special places of the body. so not all DHT harmful.

How did the researchers know that DHT is the main cause of hair loss? 
The answer is that most people with baldness have very high DHT, Studies have been conducted on some people who have male pattern baldness and found that they have very high rates of DHT, while those who used DHT inhibitors and blockers saw significant improvement in their hair, and new hair growth within short periods.

Best Natural Medicines That Inhibit DHT

There are a lot of natural dht blockers which play an important role in preventing the process of transformation that causes hair loss, including but not limited to:

Saw Palmetto,Green Tea, Soy isoflavones , and Zinc has also been proven to limit from damage of DHT in the body, and also the Fenugreek, flaxseed and black pepper can play an important role in 
protecting the body from the effects of DHT

10 Best Natural DHT Blockers for Men & Women That Work 2018


Is one of the best treatments designed to fight male baldness, and it is one of the best inhibitors DHT, which works to the prevention of transformation of testosterone To dht,

Studies in the United States, as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology, have found Finasteride and Minoxidil the best and most effective male baldness drug.

Finasteride is available in the market in the form of tablets and capsules, which take one tablet a day for a period of up to months, and this drug works on stop the production of DHT from its original source, in addition to the new hair regrowth.

Women do not use these drugs, especially during pregnancy, the use of these drugs may cause very serious fetal abnormalities

Is a medical compound available in the markets in the form of liquid and in the form of foam can be painted on the head, and can show results in less than three months, increasing hair growth and stop the process of falling.

Hair Losse DHT Blocker

This is a medicine has a big role in stopping the transformation of testosterone to dht, It contains zinc that improves blood circulation in the scalp and helps to regenerate cells and strengthen hair follicles, also contains biotin, folic acid and niacin, which play an important role in the health Hair You can use the tablet in the morning and tweak in the evening for 16 weeks to get satisfactory results

Sesame seeds
recent studies thatThe use of sesame seeds to prevent turning testosterone to dht very incredibly effective, has proved this recent studies that it reduces levels testosterone that helps 5-alpha-reductase inhibition, Where they contain a large amount of polyphenols, sterols, and fatty acids Essential to the health of your hair

Green tea
Green tea is one of the most powerful natural remedies that help prevent DHT 5-alpha-reducatase.

Follicin HG DHT Blocker for Men and Women Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment
Contains many vitamins that contribute to the prevention of DHT production, helps hair growth and intensification, and has an effective role in maintaining the health of hair follicles, It can be used for both men and women

NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth
This product contains zinc and soy compound which is one of the best and strongest DHT blockers, can be used by men and women

Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair growth (Objective DHT BLOCKER)

This product is one of the medicines that has been proven to be effective in inhibiting DHT and combating hair loss. It contains an argan oil, which contains essential elements for hair health such as fatty acids, vitamin A and others

DrFormulas HairOmega DHT Blocker 
This product is one of the most powerful DHT inhibitors, as it contains more than 40 kinds of vitamins and botanical elements, the most important of which is biotin. It contains about 5000 mg of biotin Beta-sitosterol Which helps prevent DHT, It also contains zinc, which is a necessary element to your hair as it works to keep your scalp moist and prevent the drought, It helps to stimulate the circulation of blood circulation in the scalp leading to a reduction in the proportion of DHT in the scalp, This product is available in the market in the form of capsules can be taken by both men and women alike

Propidren By HairGenics (DHT BLOCKER)
If you are looking for a safe and effective barrier to get rid of the bad effects of DHT, Propidren By HairGenics, it is the right choice for you, it contains a lot of natural ingredients that fight turning testosterone to dht, It contains iron, biotin, green tea extract, and other ingredients Which fights bad effects for dht

How to choose the best inhibitor for DHT hormone?

In fact, we did our best in assembling what we think is the best kind of DHT blockers. In the end you have the freedom to choose Most of these products have similar components, and you can try these blockers one by one to determine the right option for you. If you are hesitant, you can contact your doctor to determine the appropriate option for you

Are there side effects to prevent DHT?

Some people may notice side effects of using DHT inhibitors, such as an increase of testosterone, This is logical, that is DHT inhibitors prevent the conversion of testosterone to dht This leads to an increase testosterone, But the vast majority of users of DHT blockers do not have any negative side effects. On the contrary, they see a significant improvement in their and density in hair, some users have seen remarkable growth in their hair in a short period of not more than two months

Finally, we must ask you: Have you tried any of these products? What is the effect of using it? Do you know another barrier to DHT? Feel free to comment.

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How To Reduce DHT? 10 Best DHT Blockers for Men & Women That Work
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