10 Best Natural Vitamins For Hair Regrowth And Thickness 2018

Vitamins are one of the most essential elements for healthy hair, it helps to maintain the health of the scalp and lengthen the hair and promote growth in a short time, and in return, the lack of certain vitamins significantly affects hair health and may lead to the baldness, Fortunately there are a large number of types of vitamins you can add to your diet, and in this position we will mention the most important and best vitamins for hair growth 

Lack of vitamins cause hair loss

One of the direct causes of baldness is not eating healthy, balanced diets, which contain essential elements for hair such as fats, carbohydrates, iron and vitamins, which leads to hair damage, and it,s dryness, while other factors such as heredity, stress, and so on

The 3 most important nutrients for hair health and growth

Certainly the most important ingredient in the three things is vitamins, they play a major role in maintaining the hair and beauty health, and then followed by minerals and proteins, which are no less important than the vitamins, for hair health, so you should pay attention to a diet that meets the needs of your body of natural vitamins, minerals and proteins

10 Best Natural Vitamins For Hair Regrowth And Thickness 2018

vitamins for hair growth

vitamins for hair growth

In our website Bald Men Solutions, all articles are updated to keep up with the latest discoveries, in the treatment of hair loss and baldness, and in this post we will show 10 best vitamins for hair growth and thickness

Vitamin A
It is a necessary ingredient for scalp health, contains a lot of antioxidants, and helps greatly in hair growth, has the ability to produce scalp oils that protect hair from dryness

How to get Vitamin A?

There are two ways to get it:
1 - Eat a diet rich in vitamin A such as cheese, carrots, sweet potatoes, vegetables, nuts and others
2 - take vitamin A as a dietary supplement, but you should consult your doctor before buying any supplement, to ensure that no harm to your health.

Vitamin D
Helps to form new cells for hair, and even revive dead hair cells, and maintains the scalp skin, and also stimulates and activates hair follicles to produce new hair, as confirmed by recent studies

How to get that?

You can also get adequate amounts of vitamin D by paying attention to foods rich in vitamin D such as milk, legumes, fish, fish liver oil, sunflower seeds, etc., or by taking vitamin D supplements

Vitamin B
Vitamin B is very important for hair health, it helps greatly accelerate and strengthen hair growth process, regulates metabolism, you can get vitamin B in meat, milk, poultry, grains and vegetables.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin for healthy hair, helps in the production of collagen, and has many antioxidants, To get this you can eat foods that contain vitamin C such as pineapple, orange, tomato and raspberries.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is very important as it transfers oxygen to hair, which speeds up the growth of it, it has many antioxidants, and fights drought on the scalp by preserving the oil, there is vitamin E in abundance in nuts in general

Vitamin H or B7 or biotin
 is known as B7, and it has another name it is biotin. It is the most important material for hair. It converts food into fuel, to produce energy that helps burn it, converts amino acids in proteins into sugar for energy, it also has the ability to strengthen hair follicles, and make it More thicker, try to eat nuts, raisins, almonds and eggs to get enough of this vitamin, has been proven in some experts that the lack of this vitamin can lead to weak hair and then fall.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin
Vitamin B3 and it is known as the niacin, which provides energy in the body through carbohydrate metabolism. If your hair is damaged, niacin is the ideal solution for you. It helps to form hair follicles and accelerate its growth. you can Eat legumes, milk and lean meats to get enough niacin, You can also take supplements.

whale liver oil
If you suffer from baldness, fish oil is the best solution for you, because it contains fatty acids, and omega-3, it helps greatly in maintaining the health of hair follicles, and also increases the strength of hair and density and beauty, as confirmed by a number of recent studies

What are the dietary sources of fish oil?

you can find it in tuna, salmon and egg yolks, and there are other ways to get Omega-3 by eating supplements, and fish oil pills.

Many recent studies have found, that iron deficiency is one of the biggest causes of hair loss and damage. In contrast, attention to foods containing iron makes your hair more vibrant and healthier.

Is an important treatment for hair growth, and it is a major factor for the health of hair follicles and re-growth quickly, and researchers have confirmed that zinc has been used with a group of patients with alopecia has had a significant impact in the re-growth of hair.

Do vitamins make hair grow fast?

Foods such as vitamins, proteins and iron enter your blood and nourish your hair follicle gradually. Of course, it will take time for clear results to appear, you can see results a few months after the start of treatment.


We have offered some of the best natural vitamins for hair growth, which treat all hair problems from falling, flaking, curlness, thinning, etc., in the hope that you will find the benefit from this post, and do not forget to share your comments with us

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10 Best Natural Vitamins For Hair Regrowth And Thickness 2018
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