The New Hope For Millions ...SM04554 For Hair Loss Cure

What is the sm04554? 
Is a new experimental treatment designed to treat hereditary baldness and male hair loss, it is applied topically to the scalp and infected areas once a day, a drug developed by Samumed LLC in the state of California. but So far it has not been approved by the FDA .


History of Samumed
Samumed Founded in 2008 in California, the company is a pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical company that aims to find a drug that treats male hair loss, It also aims to restore white hair to normal, cure cancer, eliminate wrinkles.  

How sm04554 works ? 
Studies indicate that this drug works to stop the tracks WNT, and affects them significantly, and drug company Samumed LLC promised, that in California Samumed that this drug completely eliminates baldness, And renews hair follicles, This drug activates the hair growth cycle by increasing the signals that reach the cells.

Overall the main work of this property is the activation of the WNT tracks according to the Samumed Company 

Is this drug sm04554 the ultimate solution for hereditary baldness? 
The California-based pharmaceuticals and drugs company confirmed that it had conducted some experiments on the drug, The study was conducted by 300 men, aged between 18 and 50, who applied the solution on their heads once a day for 135 days. The results were very impressive. Patients experienced a significant increase in hair growth and intensity 

What is the best sm04554 or minoxidil or finasteride? 

In fact, each of these drugs treats baldness differently, Finasteride works to reduce DHT levels, and sm04554 works to modify the pathways WNT and regeneration of hair follicles, But experts say that sm04554 will outperform finasteride and minoxidil in that it works to regenerate dead cells, which is very logical. 

When will the sm04554 be available on the market and available for purchase? 
In fact, this drug has not yet been approved by the FDA, but there are indications that this drug will be the future treatment of baldness, where the company has shown promising results, it is will eliminate the genetic baldness completely in males. 

Will sm04554 be available to women? 
This drug has been specifically designed to treat male pattern baldness, but Samumed seeks to expand this study to be comprehensive for women, In fact, it is very required.

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The New Hope For Millions ...SM04554 For Hair Loss Cure
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