ًWhat Are The Causes Of Baldness? 7 Main Causes

Causes Of Baldness


Do you suffer from baldness? Some people suffer from baldness but do not know what causes baldness , In this post we will review the main causes of baldness and hair loss

in order to get the right results in the treatment of baldness we must know exactly what causes baldness.

Baldness is a type of hair loss, which is common in men, and the hair begins to decline gradually and is thinning until it leads to the stage of hair loss

Normal loss of hair in the day about 100 hair This is normal for all people and if you lose more than this is evidence of a problem or disease such as genetic factors or stress or lack of hair care and so on.

The exact cause of baldness may not be fully known but it is certainly related to one or more of the following reasons, In this article we will mention the main causes of baldness and these reasons vary from person to person and vary from region to region.
Main Causes of Baldness

Causes of Baldness
Causes of Baldness

Male hormones are one of the greatest causes that are involved causing baldness Thе level оf thе male hormone testosterone iѕ nоrmаl in men with baldness. However, cells in thе scalp convert testosterone intо аnоthеr hormone called dihydrotestosteron.

Physical stressany kind of kinds physical trauma car accident, surgery, severe illness severe fear flu can lead to baldness.

Eat plenty of supplements
Eat plenty of supplements like vitamin A This leads to premature baldness

Lack оf protein
Eating foods that contain proteins is important for healthy hair. If you have protein deficiencies in your diet, it is possible to lose your hair, according to the American Academy of Dermatology

Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Areata is another cause of baldness. This occurs when the white blood cells attack the hair follicles, leading to rapid loss of hair and often occurs in the form of in patches in the head, and most cases do not grow hair again.


Hypothyroidism occurs in your neck and produces hormones that help in the metabolism. If you do not have enough hormones, this is a danger to your hair health.

Nutritional Deficiencies
nutritional deficiencies in iron, biotin, zinc, selenium and copper is almost the biggest cause of early hair loss. Iron deficiency is a cause of hair loss because hair follicles do not get enough oxygen, so Iron copper, butene and zinc play important role in maintaining hair health.

Guidelines to keep your hair healthy

Here is a set of guidelines that will help you maintain your hair, And stop hair loss:

First avoid bad habits in the way of hair styling such as the use of iron and hot treatments of all kinds

Second, treat your hair gently when washing and styling

Finally, eating a balanced balanced diet contains important elements for your overall health and your hair in particular.
These were some of the main causes of baldness. In another article, we will discuss how to treat baldness in successful and effective ways.

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ًWhat Are The Causes Of Baldness? 7 Main Causes
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