4 Best Treatments For Frontal Baldness

frontal baldness is the loss of hair from the front of the head, This type is the most common type of hair loss in men and teenagers Especially those with thin hair, It can be in some females too.This type of frontal hair loss is the first stage of baldness.
Treatments For Frontal Hair Loss
Treatments For Frontal Hair Loss

frontal hair loss is named: the widow’s peak and there are another name it is: frontal fibrosing alopecia or Androgenetic Alopecia.

This type of frontal hair loss affects very much the psyche of the person and his self-confidence is very embarrassing especially when adolescents.

Note that if you see your front hair thinner day by day it means that you will lose your hair after years, It is even a sign of hair loss, so you should look for ways to intensify hair.

Introduction The head is more places susceptible to baldness

The most common places to baldness is the front of the head, where the hair begins to fall from the front of the head, then from the sides, until it reaches the middle of the head, and this type of baldness is frequent in men, and may occur in some women.

the main reasons of frontal hair loss

Many people suffer from frontal baldness, and ask if there are any reasons for it, What are the causes of this style of hair loss? What are the main reasons?

In fact, we must know the reasons until we come up with a precise solution to remedy this problem.

The main causes of frontal hair loss are hormonal imbalance in the head, head hair, genetic, disorders, and genetic factors. The male hormone is responsible for the problem of frontal hair loss.

There are many reasons for Hair loss from the front of the head as follows:

  • Unhealthy diet. 
  • Wrong behavior with hair. 
  • scalp infections . 
  • Environmental Pollution. 
  • physiological stress. 
  • Diseases. 
  • Chemical drugs 
  • And others...

How to get rid of frontal baldness ?

Hair experts say that the best treatment for baldness is the use of hair growth drugs, prescribed by the doctor, and attention to a diet contains the elements necessary for health of hair such as vitamins, minerals, iron and Omega-3 and others, and the intake of supplements that help to stimulate hair follicles such as vitamin B and vitamin D, In addition, you can use some shampoo products that keep your hair healthy, and increase its growth and intensity

4 Best Treatments For Frontal Baldness

Treatments For Frontal Hair Loss
Treatments For Frontal Hair Loss

In this article we offer you a number of drugs designed to treat frontal baldness, which have come to fruition, and have proved their effectiveness and strength in overcoming baldness, and restore the hope lost in those suffering from this disease.

Minoxidil is an effective treatment for frontal baldness

One of the best medical treatments that are resistant to baldness, and even re-grow dramatically is the treatment of minoxidil, which is known in the market on behalf of Rogaine, minoxidil works to expand the blood vessels, and stimulate hair follicles, you can use it twice a day ... but always remember:you should not Use any medicine unless you consult your doctor.

Finasteride an effective treatment
Is a treatment approved by the FDA, which works to restore frontal hair, if there is some hair in the front of the head, says a doctor at Columbia University in New York, It prevents frontal baldness by lowering DHT levels, you can use it twice a day to get good results

 is one of the best drugs to treat frontal hair loss. It stimulates hair follicles to re-grow hair.

Hair transplant is still the fastest way
is one of the best successful treatments guaranteed, and this process is taking the cells from the back of the head and implanted in areas of baldness, is the best way to treat frontal hair loss.

What treatment is best for you?

The fact that all of these treatments and drugs have proven effective in the treatment of hair loss in general, and especially baldness front, but there is a question that comes to mind each of us, which treatment is best for me??? the answer: You can consult your doctor to determine which treatment options are best for you.

Home remedies for treatment of frontal baldness


Watercress helps to maintain hair health and re-growth, it contains a large proportion of iodine, which maintains the function of the thyroid, and also contains large proportions of iron and sulfur, you can mix watercress with water and then work it as a mask for infected places, for half an hour , Repeat this process for several months and you will see a significant improvement in your hair

Onion juice:
is one of the best medicines and treatments to prevent frontal hair loss. It stimulates follicles and helps grow your 

These were the most important reasons, and the best effective treatments for treatment of frontal hair loss, and re-growth of hair, I hope you get a comprehensive radical solution to the problem of frontal hair loss, and determine the appropriate treatment options for you, Share your useful comments.

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4 Best Treatments For Frontal Baldness
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