3 Best Hair Restoration In 2018

In this article we will present ways of hair restoration, strengthening and intensifying it.
3 Best Hair Restoration In 2018
3 Best Hair Restoration In 2018

Some may think that baldness has no cure at all but many tests have shown that there are effective ways to mens hair restoration in different ways.

There are many ways and means to restore the head hair, but in fact do not exceed the methods of treatment adopted medically three ways, we will mention in this article in detail with the buttocks with some images that demonstrate the apparent improvement and the return of  head hair naturally after the use of these treatments.

3 best hair restoration in 2018

The first way to hair loss restoration

Treatment with a drug called Finasteride This medicine can be used orally as capsules daily but it is recommended to take only Five of dose to get good results

Effect of Finasteride on Hair

Here we will want some of the most important properties that proved successful in treatment of hair loss and work to restore it helps to grow hair dramatically and in turn strengthens the hair follicles, which helps to reduce the fall, but the defect in this drug has a temporary effect can disappear after several months of stopping About its use.


  • The use of this drug is prohibited by women who are pregnant because it causes serious side effects that may lead to abnormalities in the fetus

  • Finasteride has mild side effects such as erectile dysfunction but this does not cause anxiety as it ceases to stop using it

Method 2 to mens hair replacement

Topical treatment with minoxidil, a liquid that is applied to the affected areas twice a day, has a significant effect on promoting hair growth and reducing its fall, especially if hair loss is in its early stages.

The defect of this drug is that its results are temporary and will cease to stop using it, but it is possible that the patient will continue to have hair loss for a lifetime.

Method 3 hair transplantation process(hair restoration surgery)

Hair transplantation is the best way for researchers to hair replacement for men and ensure its survival and non-falling again by transferring the hair follicles from the back of the head and re-planting in the affected areas. Medical investigations revealed that the hair in the back of the head is not completely bald, To the front of the head, it retains the same property in the absence of falling.

When we need a hair transplant to restore it?

In fact, not everyone who wants to restore hair is undergoing hair transplantation may be the cause of hair loss can be treated with drugs and drugs such as vitamin deficiency, iron and omega-3 acids and many other cases of hair loss is due to lack of nutrition and sometimes because of a defect in hormones and these respond If there is a shortage of iron and vitamins in the patient can be given tonic and iron pills until the hair returns to normal before the fall also from suffering from hair loss due to alopecia, then agriculture is not a solution because the alopecia of cases of autoimmune dysfunction So, you should check with your doctor to determine the cause of your problem and therefore will determine the appropriate treatment, hence we can say that we need to grow hair only in two cases only:

  1. The condition of genetic baldness
  2. Hair loss due to injuries or burns


We have benefited from this article that baldness is not a disease that has no treatment or impossibility of treatment and that there are hundreds of ways to medical hair restoration, but in fact the methods are all due to these three with attention to a balanced diet to ensure the health of your hair, Cause hair loss in one way or another, if you have any question or inquiry or review you can leave it at the bottom.


How To Reduce DHT? 10 Best DHT Blockers for Men & Women That Work

The ideal solution to get rid of hair loss and eliminate male pattern baldness is the use of DHT inhibitors, it works to stop the production of DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss in the majority of people.
Best DHT Blockers
Best DHT Blockers

Researchers have recently discovered that the DHT hormone is the direct cause of hair loss In males and females, As increasing the rate of this hormone reduces the size of hair follicles by preventing the flow of blood to the scalp, which leads to damage hair follicles, and hair weakness and thinning and then fall

The increase in the rate of hormone DHT responsible for the age of puberty poses a great danger to the health of hair as it weakens hair follicles by narrowing, which leads to hair thinning and falling

Unfortunately, the hair falling out due to the increase of this hormone is unlikely to return to growth often if not treated early

In our website Bald Men Solutions All our articles are updated to keep abreast of recent developments in the treatment of hair loss and the elimination of baldness, In this guide we will learn about DHT and how to get rid of hair loss caused by dht and how it is produced

What do you know about DHT?
DHT, and it is also called dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone responsible for the formation of sexual organs in the fetus during pregnancy, which is produced by a basic hormone is testosterone through some enzymes that convert a large proportion of testosterone to DHT in the scalp and hair follicle, that Prevents the flow of blood in them and then completely destroy them so that it is impossible to return hair to those places often infected

DHT is very strange
DHT is a major cause of hair loss from the head, but it is surprising that this hormone is an important factor in the growth of hair in other areas of the body such as the chest, thigh and others. According to recent studiesDHT is necessary for the growth of hair in the armpit, back, thighs, pubic and beard, but it is an enemy of hair growth in the head in particular, and the cause of this do not known so far

What is the DHT blockers?

It is a type of natural or medical medication that contributes to stopping the process of turning of Testosterone into DHT or Dihydrotestosterone which causes hair loss, Where he had the most effective effect of most men and women in stopping hair loss within a short period

What is the form of DHT inhibitors?
There are hundreds of DHT inhibitors, some of which come in the form of pills and capsules, some in the form of shampoo and some in the form of powder that can be placed in the drink. In this article we will mention what we think is the best and most effective types as proven by the users.

What is the solution to counter negative DHT effects?
If DHT is primarily responsible for hair loss and thinning, the best solution to prevent this is the use of DHT inhibitors available in the market. Indeed, research and trials have been conducted on DHT blockers. The results have been very effective in slowing hair loss and even new hair growth in a few months.

Do we need DHT?
In fact, DHT has some important functions in our bodies, without which we can not become men. It helps to form our sexual organs in the event of pregnancy, and the germination of hair in special places of the body. so not all DHT harmful.

How did the researchers know that DHT is the main cause of hair loss? 
The answer is that most people with baldness have very high DHT, Studies have been conducted on some people who have male pattern baldness and found that they have very high rates of DHT, while those who used DHT inhibitors and blockers saw significant improvement in their hair, and new hair growth within short periods.

Best Natural Medicines That Inhibit DHT

There are a lot of natural dht blockers which play an important role in preventing the process of transformation that causes hair loss, including but not limited to:

Saw Palmetto,Green Tea, Soy isoflavones , and Zinc has also been proven to limit from damage of DHT in the body, and also the Fenugreek, flaxseed and black pepper can play an important role in 
protecting the body from the effects of DHT

10 Best Natural DHT Blockers for Men & Women That Work 2018


Is one of the best treatments designed to fight male baldness, and it is one of the best inhibitors DHT, which works to the prevention of transformation of testosterone To dht,

Studies in the United States, as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology, have found Finasteride and Minoxidil the best and most effective male baldness drug.

Finasteride is available in the market in the form of tablets and capsules, which take one tablet a day for a period of up to months, and this drug works on stop the production of DHT from its original source, in addition to the new hair regrowth.

Women do not use these drugs, especially during pregnancy, the use of these drugs may cause very serious fetal abnormalities

Is a medical compound available in the markets in the form of liquid and in the form of foam can be painted on the head, and can show results in less than three months, increasing hair growth and stop the process of falling.

Hair Losse DHT Blocker

This is a medicine has a big role in stopping the transformation of testosterone to dht, It contains zinc that improves blood circulation in the scalp and helps to regenerate cells and strengthen hair follicles, also contains biotin, folic acid and niacin, which play an important role in the health Hair You can use the tablet in the morning and tweak in the evening for 16 weeks to get satisfactory results

Sesame seeds
recent studies thatThe use of sesame seeds to prevent turning testosterone to dht very incredibly effective, has proved this recent studies that it reduces levels testosterone that helps 5-alpha-reductase inhibition, Where they contain a large amount of polyphenols, sterols, and fatty acids Essential to the health of your hair

Green tea
Green tea is one of the most powerful natural remedies that help prevent DHT 5-alpha-reducatase.

Follicin HG DHT Blocker for Men and Women Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment
Contains many vitamins that contribute to the prevention of DHT production, helps hair growth and intensification, and has an effective role in maintaining the health of hair follicles, It can be used for both men and women

NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth
This product contains zinc and soy compound which is one of the best and strongest DHT blockers, can be used by men and women

Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair growth (Objective DHT BLOCKER)

This product is one of the medicines that has been proven to be effective in inhibiting DHT and combating hair loss. It contains an argan oil, which contains essential elements for hair health such as fatty acids, vitamin A and others

DrFormulas HairOmega DHT Blocker 
This product is one of the most powerful DHT inhibitors, as it contains more than 40 kinds of vitamins and botanical elements, the most important of which is biotin. It contains about 5000 mg of biotin Beta-sitosterol Which helps prevent DHT, It also contains zinc, which is a necessary element to your hair as it works to keep your scalp moist and prevent the drought, It helps to stimulate the circulation of blood circulation in the scalp leading to a reduction in the proportion of DHT in the scalp, This product is available in the market in the form of capsules can be taken by both men and women alike

Propidren By HairGenics (DHT BLOCKER)
If you are looking for a safe and effective barrier to get rid of the bad effects of DHT, Propidren By HairGenics, it is the right choice for you, it contains a lot of natural ingredients that fight turning testosterone to dht, It contains iron, biotin, green tea extract, and other ingredients Which fights bad effects for dht

How to choose the best inhibitor for DHT hormone?

In fact, we did our best in assembling what we think is the best kind of DHT blockers. In the end you have the freedom to choose Most of these products have similar components, and you can try these blockers one by one to determine the right option for you. If you are hesitant, you can contact your doctor to determine the appropriate option for you

Are there side effects to prevent DHT?

Some people may notice side effects of using DHT inhibitors, such as an increase of testosterone, This is logical, that is DHT inhibitors prevent the conversion of testosterone to dht This leads to an increase testosterone, But the vast majority of users of DHT blockers do not have any negative side effects. On the contrary, they see a significant improvement in their and density in hair, some users have seen remarkable growth in their hair in a short period of not more than two months

Finally, we must ask you: Have you tried any of these products? What is the effect of using it? Do you know another barrier to DHT? Feel free to comment.


Top 10 Hair Growth Medicines You Should Know In 2018

hair growth medicines are the drugs that greatly affect the growth and intensification of hair, and helps to strengthen the follicles and nourishing the scalp and remove the crust, which prepares the scalp for growth of hair strong and healthy. 
hair growth medicine
hair growth medicine

Are there really hair loss drugs?

Yes, there are drugs that help in the treatment of hair growth by slowing the process of hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair, but to get the desired results should continue to take the drug and if you stop taking the medicine will fall hair that grew during the taking of the drug.

In fact, there is no specific drug that completely eliminates baldness in a specific period, but these options help you to maintain the remaining hair by strengthening the hair follicles, also helps to grow and intensify hair, and of course it needs a lot of patience until you see satisfactory results

The best time to use hair growth medicine

The best time to use hair growth medicine and intensify is before you lose a lot of your hair, if you see signs of hair loss, you should make your decision in use some hair loss treatments and products. and If necessary, you can contact your doctor.

Top 10 Hair Growth Medicines You Should Know In 2018

In this post we have offered you the best effective medical medicines which proved successful in treating hair loss by the specialists' certificate, in which we exerted great effort in studying these medicines and their effect. We hope that you will receive your admiration, but be careful not to rush to buy any of these drugs except by prescription medical .


Lipogaine Contains a lot of fatty acids that have proven effective in the treatment of hair loss, and contains biotin and minoxidil and many vitamins such as vitamin duck, niacin and others

How to use Lipogaine?

This medicine can be applied to your head twice a day to get the best results, it acts as a catalyst on the growth of hair, it also moisturizes the scalp and prevents the crust.

Does Lipogaine really work?

By tracking the comments of some users it turns out that this drug helps hair growth, as many users have seen an increase in hair growth after months of use, it is one of the most sales in the Amazon store.

Lipogaine for women

This is another formula for women only, formulated for hair loss in women, can be applied to the head twice a day for good results.

2- SM04554

SM04554 Is a new drug specifically designed to treat male pattern baldness, that activates the pathways of WNT a drug developed by Samumed in the state of California. but So far it has not been approved by the FDA, The manufacturer of this drug has confirmed that it will be the ultimate treatment for baldness in the future.

3-Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx

Contains many important vitamins, minerals and herbs essential for healthy hair, it also contains pumpkin seed powder that has scientifically proven its ability to stimulate hair follicles to grow, also contains biotin which is one of the most important vitamins for healthy hair.

How to use Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx?

Can be used for both men and women, doctors recommend eating two tablets a day, morning and evening after eating, you can see the results after a few months.

4-Natrol Biotin

This drug can be used by both men and women, contains a lot of biotin which helps greatly in the growth of hair quickly, and in a short time, it provides 10000 micrograms of biotin is the amount needed by the body completely.


This drug is available in the market in the form of ointment, tablets, which is a powerful and effective drug in regrowth of hair, and using the tablets is  better than ointment.

6-Sage Tea

This drug helps stop hair loss, a herbal drug available in pharmacies.

7-DPCP  Diphenylcyclopropenone 

This drug is one of the best medicines in the fight against hair loss, as it strengthens hair roots, and is available in the market in the form of liquid oil that can be applied to the scalp, can be used once a week.


This drug is available in the market in the form of capsules, nourishes hair follicles, and helps hair growth


This drug helps in reducing the hormone DHT which is a direct cause of baldness, This medicine helps to slow down hair loss by about 88%, so it is an effective medicine, as the specialists say, but needs patience, you will not see good results before about half a year.

10-Minoxidil or Rogaine

It has been proven by recent studies that it reduces hair loss, while it helps greatly in its growth and intensification, but should be used for at least 4 months, to get good results.

Should I use hair loss drugs?

In fact, this article provides you with a number of information to help you understand your choices. Finally, you should talk to your doctor before buying any medication to determine the right medication for you.

You should know:

That using medicines or essential oils does not help to grow the hair alone, but you must follow a healthy balanced diet to get the best results desired

If you are interested in the new in treatment of hair loss, you can follow us on our website Bald Men Solutions, and do not forget to share this topic to benefi to thers from.


The New Hope For Millions ...SM04554 For Hair Loss Cure

What is the sm04554? 
Is a new experimental treatment designed to treat hereditary baldness and male hair loss, it is applied topically to the scalp and infected areas once a day, a drug developed by Samumed LLC in the state of California. but So far it has not been approved by the FDA .


History of Samumed
Samumed Founded in 2008 in California, the company is a pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical company that aims to find a drug that treats male hair loss, It also aims to restore white hair to normal, cure cancer, eliminate wrinkles.  

How sm04554 works ? 
Studies indicate that this drug works to stop the tracks WNT, and affects them significantly, and drug company Samumed LLC promised, that in California Samumed that this drug completely eliminates baldness, And renews hair follicles, This drug activates the hair growth cycle by increasing the signals that reach the cells.

Overall the main work of this property is the activation of the WNT tracks according to the Samumed Company 

Is this drug sm04554 the ultimate solution for hereditary baldness? 
The California-based pharmaceuticals and drugs company confirmed that it had conducted some experiments on the drug, The study was conducted by 300 men, aged between 18 and 50, who applied the solution on their heads once a day for 135 days. The results were very impressive. Patients experienced a significant increase in hair growth and intensity 

What is the best sm04554 or minoxidil or finasteride? 

In fact, each of these drugs treats baldness differently, Finasteride works to reduce DHT levels, and sm04554 works to modify the pathways WNT and regeneration of hair follicles, But experts say that sm04554 will outperform finasteride and minoxidil in that it works to regenerate dead cells, which is very logical. 

When will the sm04554 be available on the market and available for purchase? 
In fact, this drug has not yet been approved by the FDA, but there are indications that this drug will be the future treatment of baldness, where the company has shown promising results, it is will eliminate the genetic baldness completely in males. 

Will sm04554 be available to women? 
This drug has been specifically designed to treat male pattern baldness, but Samumed seeks to expand this study to be comprehensive for women, In fact, it is very required.

If you want to follow up on the new in treatments of baldness and hair loss, follow us on this site Bald Men Solutions and on our page on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


10 Best Natural Vitamins For Hair Regrowth And Thickness 2018

Vitamins are one of the most essential elements for healthy hair, it helps to maintain the health of the scalp and lengthen the hair and promote growth in a short time, and in return, the lack of certain vitamins significantly affects hair health and may lead to the baldness, Fortunately there are a large number of types of vitamins you can add to your diet, and in this position we will mention the most important and best vitamins for hair growth 

Lack of vitamins cause hair loss

One of the direct causes of baldness is not eating healthy, balanced diets, which contain essential elements for hair such as fats, carbohydrates, iron and vitamins, which leads to hair damage, and it,s dryness, while other factors such as heredity, stress, and so on

The 3 most important nutrients for hair health and growth

Certainly the most important ingredient in the three things is vitamins, they play a major role in maintaining the hair and beauty health, and then followed by minerals and proteins, which are no less important than the vitamins, for hair health, so you should pay attention to a diet that meets the needs of your body of natural vitamins, minerals and proteins

10 Best Natural Vitamins For Hair Regrowth And Thickness 2018

vitamins for hair growth

vitamins for hair growth

In our website Bald Men Solutions, all articles are updated to keep up with the latest discoveries, in the treatment of hair loss and baldness, and in this post we will show 10 best vitamins for hair growth and thickness

Vitamin A
It is a necessary ingredient for scalp health, contains a lot of antioxidants, and helps greatly in hair growth, has the ability to produce scalp oils that protect hair from dryness

How to get Vitamin A?

There are two ways to get it:
1 - Eat a diet rich in vitamin A such as cheese, carrots, sweet potatoes, vegetables, nuts and others
2 - take vitamin A as a dietary supplement, but you should consult your doctor before buying any supplement, to ensure that no harm to your health.

Vitamin D
Helps to form new cells for hair, and even revive dead hair cells, and maintains the scalp skin, and also stimulates and activates hair follicles to produce new hair, as confirmed by recent studies

How to get that?

You can also get adequate amounts of vitamin D by paying attention to foods rich in vitamin D such as milk, legumes, fish, fish liver oil, sunflower seeds, etc., or by taking vitamin D supplements

Vitamin B
Vitamin B is very important for hair health, it helps greatly accelerate and strengthen hair growth process, regulates metabolism, you can get vitamin B in meat, milk, poultry, grains and vegetables.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin for healthy hair, helps in the production of collagen, and has many antioxidants, To get this you can eat foods that contain vitamin C such as pineapple, orange, tomato and raspberries.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is very important as it transfers oxygen to hair, which speeds up the growth of it, it has many antioxidants, and fights drought on the scalp by preserving the oil, there is vitamin E in abundance in nuts in general

Vitamin H or B7 or biotin
 is known as B7, and it has another name it is biotin. It is the most important material for hair. It converts food into fuel, to produce energy that helps burn it, converts amino acids in proteins into sugar for energy, it also has the ability to strengthen hair follicles, and make it More thicker, try to eat nuts, raisins, almonds and eggs to get enough of this vitamin, has been proven in some experts that the lack of this vitamin can lead to weak hair and then fall.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin
Vitamin B3 and it is known as the niacin, which provides energy in the body through carbohydrate metabolism. If your hair is damaged, niacin is the ideal solution for you. It helps to form hair follicles and accelerate its growth. you can Eat legumes, milk and lean meats to get enough niacin, You can also take supplements.

whale liver oil
If you suffer from baldness, fish oil is the best solution for you, because it contains fatty acids, and omega-3, it helps greatly in maintaining the health of hair follicles, and also increases the strength of hair and density and beauty, as confirmed by a number of recent studies

What are the dietary sources of fish oil?

you can find it in tuna, salmon and egg yolks, and there are other ways to get Omega-3 by eating supplements, and fish oil pills.

Many recent studies have found, that iron deficiency is one of the biggest causes of hair loss and damage. In contrast, attention to foods containing iron makes your hair more vibrant and healthier.

Is an important treatment for hair growth, and it is a major factor for the health of hair follicles and re-growth quickly, and researchers have confirmed that zinc has been used with a group of patients with alopecia has had a significant impact in the re-growth of hair.

Do vitamins make hair grow fast?

Foods such as vitamins, proteins and iron enter your blood and nourish your hair follicle gradually. Of course, it will take time for clear results to appear, you can see results a few months after the start of treatment.


We have offered some of the best natural vitamins for hair growth, which treat all hair problems from falling, flaking, curlness, thinning, etc., in the hope that you will find the benefit from this post, and do not forget to share your comments with us


How To Get Strong Hair? 5 Tips To Strengthen Hair Follicles

getting strong hair is the dream of every boy and girl, it is one of the most important elements of the beauty of men or women it reduces the possibility of hair loss or the baldness, The best way to get that is Care and attention to strengthen hair follicles, and that's what we're going to discuss in this post
Get Strong Hair
Get Strong Hair
Dear reader, If you are looking for ways and tips to strengthen your hair, we will offer you in this website the best solutions that have proven effective in treating hair loss of all kinds and re-growth in exclusive ways.

how to get strong hair? 5 Tips to strengthen hair follicles

Healthy food
Strengthening hair follicles is entirely dependent on good food, so you should eat healthy food that contains the essentials for the health of your hair such as iron, vitamins, minerals, proteins, zinc, biotin, omega-3, etc.

take care of:

Eating egg yolks, milk and carrots it contains vitamin A.

Eat nuts of all kinds in vitamin f essential to the health of your hair

Eat the amount of liver, plums and raisins that contains iron

Eat enough meat and milk to contain proteins that are essential to your hair health 

Eat pulses and oats containing biotin

Eating watercress, it contains sulfur, which is one of the most powerful elements to strengthen hair follicles weak

Taking supplements to strengthen your hair
In addition to the above you should take supplements to get the best results within a short period of time

Drink plenty of water
This may seem strange, but it actually helps to improve the health of hair. Drinking water helps moisturize the body and hair, prevent dryness that leads to breakage of hair, and recommend that doctors drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Use essential oils to massage the scalp
The use of essential oils is one of the most important steps in the treatment of weak hair follicles, it helps greatly in the promotion and revitalization of hair follicles and thus create strong hair and health

medical medicines to strengthen hair and stimulate

There are many medicines that are said to strengthen hair follicles and eliminate baldness, but You can not count on that, and most of these medicines have no clear results, and few of these medicines have been tested and proved effective in the activation of hair follicles and accelerate growth

  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Al-Marmariyah

These medicines have proven their ability to activate hair follicle and accelerate its growth, but you should not make any use of any of them except by consulting your doctor


Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids Benefits For Hair Growth

Benefits of essential omega 3 fatty acids to hair re-growth and fight baldness and hair loss, and sources of omega-3. All of this will be explained in this post.

In this website Bald Men Solutions, posts are updated to keep up with the recent discoveries, and new products,To help those suffering from hair loss to obtain a radical final solution to the problem of baldness.

Omega 3 is a key element in maintaining overall hair health, and recent studies have shown that eating enough Omega 3 helps hair growth.

The lack of adequate intake of omega-3 is one of the most common causes of baldness and hair loss according to recent medical studies conducted by the University of Maryland

Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids Benefits For Hair Growth

omega 3 for hair loss
omega 3 for hair loss

Omega 3 is an unsaturated fatty acid that is essential for healthy hair, which carries many medicinal properties that greatly help hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and promoting blood circulation in the scalp, There are many health benefits of Omega 3 for hair, including but not limited: to prevention of scalp inflammation, and prevention of harmful skin, prevent hair loss, help in secretion of scalp oils, fight thinning hair, And many more

Where do we get omega 3 fatty acids?

This can be obtained from two main sources:

Food sources: Omega 3 is found in meat, eggs and marine animals such as sardines, salmon, oysters, tuna, cod and many others, also in grains and nuts of all kinds, such as almonds, raisins, walnuts and others, also found in vegetables in general

Supplementary sources :You can also use supplemental sources to get enough of the omega 3 such as omega 3 tablets available on the market, which are very popular with people in the US and world

How many capsules a day should be taken to restore hair growth?

Taking 2 capsules of Omega 3 daily, promotes hair growth, and prevents hair loss, according to a study of group of nutrition experts. It also has the ability to prevent scalp infections and prevent dandruff,

How can Omega 3 prevent hair loss?

The specialists said that Omega 3 helps to produce hormones in the scalp, which helps the prevention of hair loss, and nutrition of hair follicles


In order to get the most benefits from omega-3 for your hair, adhere to a healthy diet that meets your body's needs. In addition to using omega-3 supplements that found in the market in the form of oils, tablets and capsules, I hope this publication helps you decide what your hair needs from Omega-3 ,,,,